The geographical game.

What is World Atlas?

World Atlas is a geographical word game. You have to enter names of the places in the world according to some rules. It focuses on how much geographically strong you are.

How to play World Atlas?

The player who wins the coin flip/toss(or anything you can call) gets the chance to enter(tell) the place first. After the player A has entered the place the player B has to then enter the place whose first letter begins with the last letter of player A's place. Lets say player A said "New York" then the Player B has to say a place beginning from "K" ,after this same applies for Player A and so on. This continues for the next player as well if it is a game of more than two players. Anyone who cannot think of a valid and non-repitative place,loses. There might some things to be discussed before the game starts like how much lives a player has ,the standard is 1 but it can be modified as per players preferance.

Some Standard Rules in World Atlas

  1. The place should be big enough not a local area or residential place.
  2. The place entered should not have been taken(entered) previously by any player.


2-Player Game:
Player A: India
Player B: Athens
Player A: Switzerland
Player B: Delhi
Player A: Italy
Player B: .....
Player A wins

5-Player Game:

Player-A: Sweden
Player-B: Nigeria
Player-C: America
Player-D: Amsterdam
Player-E: Mumbai
Player-A: Italy
Player-B: Yemen
Player-C: Nagasaki
Player-D: Italy?
Everyone: "No, Its already taken by Player A"

Player D: Indonesia
Player-E: Andhra Pradesh
Player-A: Himachal Pradesh
Player-B: Helsinki

Player C eliminated
Same letter passed to next player

Player-D: India
Player-E: Africa
Player-A: Adelaide

Playr B eliminated
Same letter passed to next player.

Player-D: Egypt
Player-E: Tokyo
Player-A: Ohio

Player D eliminated
Same letter passed to next player.

Player-E: Osmanabad
Player-A: Dubai

Player E eliminated
Player A wins

The following Examples should be clear enough to get a rough idea about the working of the game.
Hope you enjoy :)